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Our unified platform is specifically tailored to cater to the distinct requirements of sponsors, successful management of trials throughout the entire study.


Our comprehensive platform provides a complete range of services, utilizing digital tools to efficiently improve every phase of your clinical trials.

Solutions for Sponsors / CRO’s

COSMOS delivers strategic consulting, identifies premier sites, and streamlines study startups through a fully digitalized process, offering operational support for clinical research projects worldwide.

Solutions for Sponsors / CRO’s

COSMOS offers strategic advice, identifies excellent sites, completes CDAs, clinical trial feasibility, and locates CRAs, study intelligence, and operational assistance for clinical research projects all over the world.

Why Choose Us

Clinical trials echo system, Cosmos is designed to execute worldwide clinical trials from site identification to archiving research documentation end-to-end. Organization for clinical research and the registration of medical devices and pharmaceuticals around the world.

The Cosmos clinical research and development echo system offers strategic assistance for clinical development across the world. Sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) can use our web platform to discover clinical trial locations, sign a confidentiality agreement, and check the viability of each site with hundreds of researchers across the world.

Clinical trial locations, investigators, regulatory professionals, clinical research associates, and other service providers may all be found through Cosmos, which offers access to them from across the world.

Site Explorer

Search cosmos vast site database by region, therapeutic areas to identify the potential sites for a study from across the world
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Site Feasibility

Clinical trial feasibility is the process of determining the likelihood of conducting a specific clinical trial in a specific geographical region
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COSMOS CTMS enables you to overcome the difficulties of traditional clinical trial methods
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Don't limit yourself to a binder. Using a system built for site and sponsors with a significant number of protocols will save you time.
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For your clinical trial team, processing paper forms might provide several challenges, such as increased work hours and a higher chance of mistake
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The Cosmos clinical document folder receives all the test results, images, medical records, and EKGs
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Safety Reports

eSafety also offers a more efficient way of addressing patient safety while staying compliant with the study regulatory requirements. COSMOS eSafety is a single platform with multiple tools you need to run your clinical study successfully.
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Digital Budget

COSMOS enables clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and sites to improve on their budget build and optimize their Study Start-Up process by relying on an exclusive clinical trials echo system platform.
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EOS Data Exchange

eVault utilizes COSMOS seamless integration to facilitate the secure and automated transfer of EOS data from EDC, IWRS, eCOA, etc., systems and electronically collect the site's acknowledgment.
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Digital CTA

A considerable number of Study Start-Up delays are associated with challenges related to budgeting and negotiation. COSMOS simplifies the process and allows for streamlining the budget and negotiation process to finalize the CTA execution through various enlisted capabilities.
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In today's remote and digitized world, the human element is more imperative than ever. Our solutions provide a secure and highly interactive experience for complex, inbuilt e-signature, rich collaboration features, and web-enabled videoconferencing to allow you to transact and engage as humanely as possible.
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COSMOS eConsent transforms the conventional patient consent approach by making the entire process easy, truly patient-centric, and improving transparency. It is designed for decentralized, virtual, and hybrid research projects to help deliver compliant, patient-centric, and site-friendly experiences.
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