The COSMOS eLabs tool helps researchers and research facilities effectively manage the complete clinical research and trial lifecycle. It captures the clinician’s test order (manually or electronically), specimen collection data, specimen received in the lab, and sorts & routes it to the appropriate lab section. Also, it captures and stores data related to specimen preparation and testing.

Additionally, COSMOS eLabs facilitates the execution of specific rules to automate reflex testing, clinical researcher comments, auto verification, billing, report creation, and distribution of both preliminary and final lab reports to the authorized recipients via email or interface message. Indeed, this tool facilitates extensive customization of workflows and seamlessly integrates into a site’s physical workflow to increase workplace efficiency.


  • Compliant with data security and integrity requirements
  • A series of tools that are highly adaptable and configurable to each clinical researcher or research site
  • Real-time data access from authorized individuals facilitates progress and collaboration among research teams.
  • Secure remote data access capabilities allow research teams to continue working, collaborating, and ensuring research progress no matter the investigators’ location.
  • Automated research lab results and reports can be routed on this platform.
  • The lab results are made available to the research site online.
  • Review and sign off lab-related documents electronically.