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COSMOS is an advanced, next-gen platform for accelerating clinic trials. Designed to cater to study sponsors, CROs, sites, CRAs, and CRCs, COSMOS de-clutters the Study Start-Up process and allows stakeholders to initialize clinical trials without the associated delays. Starting from site identification to completion, COSMOS offers a platform that would be extremely advantageous to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, sites, government, and public health organizations.

The pharmaceutical industry had a total investment of $83 billion on R&D in 2019 (according to data available from, almost ten times the amount spent in the 1980s, after adjusting inflation effects.

COSMOS intends to become the ultimate paperless platform for launching clinical trials driven by innovations. We intend and hope that COSMOS will accelerate the development of new therapies, drugs, and studies, and eventually, it could improve and positively impact patient lives.

Our services are available separately and as a comprehensive full-service clinical program. The team at COSMOS believes that our platform would eventually reduce the time required to bring a drug to the market by simplifying and streamlining the launch of clinical studies.

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