COSMOS CTMS enables you to overcome the difficulties of traditional clinical trial methods.
Clinical trial software is becoming increasingly important as studies get more complicated and worldwide. Extensive clinical data management also maintains track of participants and recruiting, as well as providing comprehensive
reporting and monitoring throughout dispersed trials.

Enhance participant retention and engagement.

To decrease no-show appointments and maintain participation in the study, keep in touch with your participants via handy alerts.

Consistency is key.

Align one or more sites with GCP, 21 CFR Part 11, and other compliance requirements to
guarantee safe and high-quality clinical research.

Integrate Calendar for Scheduling
Schedule your subjects inside the window using our simple calendar. It displays the goal dates and indicates visits that were performed outside of the window or that need to be scheduled shortly.
Manage the Subject Database on the Site
Import, Interface, etc. Sort subject databases and automatically generate website, social media, and email campaign leads. Then, tailor advertising to each research. System-generated calls, messages, and emails may be sent and pre-screened. This and more, all in one easy-to-use subject lead funnel.
Document repository on the main site
All documents for the site and the site team are kept in a single repository.
The state of your finances
Manage stipends and invoices more easily Make it possible to track and reconcile bills remotely in real time Tracking credentials and billing compliance can help you avoid deviations. Keep an eye on things by recording and reporting your finances in detail.
Using Text Messages for Interaction
For maximum recruitment and enrollment, CTMS uses two-way SMS integrated in the system, which increases retention by sending reminders to users no matter where they are located.