Better protocol design, region selection, and realistic prediction create the foundation for understanding the targeted patient profile in a clinical study. A rigorous evaluation of the current clinical trial environment, including historical performance precedence, competitive landscape, advanced modeling, country ranking, and recruitment projects, is also an integral part of a research site feasibility study.

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What is clinical trial feasibility?
Clinical trial feasibility is the process of assessing the possibility of conducting a specific clinical trial program in a particular region with the objective of successful projection completion with respect to targets, costs, and timelines. This process involves the evaluation of internal and environmental capacity, the overall alignment of the clinical trials with the local environment, and the potential of conducting clinical trials in a particular geographical location.

Why should clinical trial feasibility be performed?
When done correctly, clinical feasibility ensures realistic evaluation and capacity to conduct clinical trials successfully. For pharmaceutical organizations, CROs, sponsors, and individual researchers, this is a precursor to effective study placement and influences critical study decisions.

Indeed, clinical trial feasibility helps identify and address various challenges such as poor patient recruiting, ineffective clinical researcher selection, incorrect geographical preference, and lack of awareness of ethical and local regulatory issues beforehand.

What should you anticipate from a clinical trial feasibility study?
Upon successful completion of a clinical trial feasibility study, you should evaluate and forecast the clinical researcher and site capabilities, regional potential, patient recruitment capacity, regulatory framework, and the appropriate timeframe for clinical study completion.

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