Processing paperwork forms is associated with many challenges, such as the increased risk of errors and extra labor hours. For this reason, acquiring data digitally through eSource optimizes operational costs, eliminates study delays, improves participant experience, and enhances the overall quality of the information a clinical team collects.

COSMOS eSource is a comprehensive electronic data system that allows clinical study teams to capture data in real-time, minimizing the overall data acquisition time, eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing the monitoring visits, and optimizing the overall clinical study data management. It facilitates secure and remote sharing of high-quality data, resulting in optimized sponsor monitoring expenditure and accelerated data verification. This increases the chances of being chosen as a clinical trial site.

Increase Research Site Efficiency

Ensure compliance and minimize protocol deviations in your research site by setting data parameters, establishing the necessary fields for data collection, and assigning read-only privileges for QA/QC users. In fact, you can create a source document quickly using COSMOS pre-built source template library. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to integrate appointment calendars, create processes, and assign them. That means you can design a clinical study within a few hours.

cosmos eSource
Digital Sign
Seamless integration with the lab, annotations, and e-sign

Quickly upload, annotate, and e-Sign imaging reports, the lab findings, and EKG reports and assign them to the researchers for review and signing. You can integrate the eSource tool with the central lab via an eFax solution. Remember, all data is stored in a single database, resulting in no complex interfaces or lag time.

Reduce the time needed to collect and validate data

Eliminate manual data entry errors and save time. All data validation rules are inbuilt as part of point-of-entry checks for maintaining data integrity while ensuring real-time availability of quality and actionable data to authorized end-users.

Improve data accuracy and eliminate errors

All data collection form fields include strict data validation rules to ensure data accuracy and eliminate errors. To guarantee subject eligibility, you can easily incorporate custom checks for data entry protocol adherence and subject safety.

EDC integration

With the COSMOS API, eSource seamlessly integrates with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) to grant you access to real-time global study data synced across COSMOS’ fully integrated modules with cloud-based data capture. Enjoy real-time data management, eliminate manual data capture processes, generate rapid real-time reports, and ensure easy data compliance for both research sites and sponsors.

Generate AE/SAE Reports Quickly

Make better decisions within shorter timelines using unified technology. Simply incorporate a custom AE/SAE template into your new AE/SAE dashboard and send it to the investigator for e-signing. Then, automatically email it to the safety team for review. Track all submissions to the research site or investigator remotely and get automated, real-time alerts based on data entry.