Simplifying clinical trials through dedicated budget development solutions & approvals

COSMOS enables clinical trial sponsors, CROs, and sites to improve on their budget build and optimize their Study Start-Up process by relying on an exclusive clinical trials echo system platform.

About Digital Budget/CTA

COSMOS taps into the updated, vigorously negotiated investigator grant actuals from clinical trials to improve the quality of budgets. The eventual goal is to empower sponsors to accelerate their clinical trial start-up lifecycle through a dedicated platform, streamline the workflow considering budgets, and finalize the CTA while keeping room for amendments. The COSMOS system can be used for comparing budgets and negotiating CTAs for restructuring the execution process with the COSMOS 21 CFR Part 11 eSignature feature.

Comprehensive solutions for reducing budgeting bottlenecks

A considerable number of Study Start-Up delays are associated with challenges related to budgeting and negotiation. COSMOS simplifies the process and allows for streamlining the budget and negotiation process to finalize the CTA execution through various enlisted capabilities.

  • Functionality covering visit-schedule design through spreadsheets
  • Management of templates based on-site, country, and clinical trial
  • Easy access & supervision of Protocol Schedule of Assessments
  • Unified site management solutions
  • Return of investigator grant actuals for setting future benchmarks
  • Excel-based reporting for exporting data & future audits
  • Assured integration with the clinical trial agreement (CTA)
  • Ready-to-use inbuilt budget and CTA templates
  • Database for searching CPT and ICD codes
cosmos digital budget

Enhance Your Clinical Trials with cosmos digital budget/CTA

digital CTA
Incredible capabilities and advantages of COSMOS
  • Integrated support and features for enhancing budget building process
  • Effective solutions for negotiation workflow
  • Reduce the typical need for extended timelines and resources
  • Set and achieve dedicated timelines for clinical trials
  • Initiate and accelerate the Study Start-Up process
  • Improve accuracy of budgeting numbers
  • Support from COSMOS experts for budgeting, execution of contracts

Optimize your study startup process using cosmos digital budget and CTA

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