What does Cosmos mean?

Clinical trials echo system, Cosmos is designed to execute worldwide clinical trials from site identification to archiving research documentation end-to-end. Organization for clinical research and the registration of medical devices and pharmaceuticals around the world.

The Cosmos clinical research and development echo system offers strategic assistance for clinical development across the world. Sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) can use our web platform to discover clinical trial locations, sign a confidentiality agreement, and check the viability of each site with hundreds of researchers across the world.

Clinical trial locations, investigators, regulatory professionals, clinical research associates, and other service providers may all be found through Cosmos, which offers access to them from across the world.

What role does Cosmos play in assisting sponsors and CROs?

Cosmos offers strategic advice, identifies excellent sites, completes CDAs, clinical trial feasibility, and locates CRAs, study intelligence, and operational assistance for clinical research projects all over the world.

Clinical Development Plan and Execution

Most clinical studies' results may be greatly improved by using the proper instruments.

More than 90% of your metrics may be influenced and time can be reduced by changing the area, trial sites, and trial teams.

Clinical Trial Possibility Assessment – Globally

The trial metrics are heavily influenced by the site trial's success or failure. A successful trial might lead to market dominance for your product.

Why would you want to blow this chance? To begin, use the cosmic site feasibility tool to identify trial locations that will help you find eligible participants, collect high-quality data, and otherwise improve your trial's overall results.

  • Feasibility at the site level
  • The feasibility at the investigator level

Select investigators and monitors right for your trials.

Identifying a Site around the World

  • The use of several search engines throughout the world
  • Taking care of CDA online with our one-click 21 CRF Part 11 compliant eSignature tool.

Learn about CRA Identification – Globally

To do this, search the Cosmos CRA database for competent, experienced clinical research associates.

Find the world's regulatory expertise

Execution of CDA on the website

You may complete the CDA procedure online by using the cosmos CFR Part II compliance digital signature tool.

Site Feasibility

Use the cosmic secure e-feasibility questioner function worldwide to send and receive the feasibility questioner online.

How does Cosmos assist web sites?

Cosmos is developing a clinical trial echo system to unite sponsors, clinical trial sites, and regulatory agencies on a one platform. Sites can use it for free.

How Cosmos aids medical professionals (CRA)

The COSMOS clinical trials echo system connects sponsors, sites, monitors, regulators, and the project manager from across the world.

By registering with Cosmos, you’ll gain increased visibility among sponsors and CROs. It’s free, and there’s no obligation to use it.

How does Cosmos assist regulatory experts and project managers?

Wherever the local regulatory process is, clinical trials will be conducted worldwide. It’s important for sponsors and contract research organizations to know whether counties have regulatory frameworks in place to protect patients from pollution and other adverse effects. However for a research project it is necessary for a local regulatory team to aid in conforming to local regulatory standards.

The COSMOS clinical trials echo system connects sponsors, sites, monitors, regulators, and the project manager from across the world. By registering with Cosmos, you’ll gain increased visibility among sponsors and CROs. It’s completely free of charge for you.

In whose interest is Cosmos being developed?

Which of the following are you in search of in a new region? Which of the following are you searching for in a therapeutic sector or merely another new trial? Persuade a large number of potential investigators and conduct a feasibility study with those who show an interest online.

Sponsors can evaluate the feasibility of different research sites and choose the best study approach for the project’s success.

Cosmos’ primary features include a one-stop shop for study teams from the site and identification of research teams throughout the world.

  • Locating Locations:
  • Identify CRAs:
  • Identify Project Managers and Regulatory Experts:
  • Recognize potential research subjects: