The COSMOS ePRO handles all the complexities associated with patient-reported data collection and management. It offers the flexibility to switch between remote and in-clinic data collection as well as the ability to support validated survey instruments. COSMOS ePRO utilizes an independent model that allows study participants to respond to clinical surveys remotely and at any time. Additionally, our platform’s automated alerts ensure compliance with site protocols while encouraging patient engagement. Indeed, the unification of COSMOS ePRO allows investigators and site research teams to view their clinical and patient-reported information in a single dashboard and improves study design timelines. With COSMOS ePRO, you can enjoy fast & actionable insights into patient-reported data, increased patient engagement, patient safety, and control over clinical study timelines. Improved Patient Engagement
  • Facilitate efficient data collection anywhere – at work, home, or in-clinic using the most convenient device for patients.
  • Improve adherence with highly flexible schedules based on the patients’ closeout windows that support highly time-sensitive data collection, time zones, and alerts that integrate seamlessly with patients’ lifestyles.
  • Quickly validate the assessments completed by each study participant.
A Unified ePRO System
  • A simplified setup that eliminates the need for multiple vendors
  • Improved patient safety and AE/SAE detection with real-time alerts, access to patient-reported data, and clinical data in a single dashboard.
  • Enhance study participant compliance, data quality, and subject safety.