COSMOS eSafety is an automated and centralized document distribution & monitoring solution that reduces the in-site burden optimizes costs, and ensures error-free compliance with regulatory requirements. Indeed, it facilitates the distribution of clinical study reports among principal investigators, study sites, and other authorized entities. You can monitor and report the state of every safety report file and acknowledgment.

eSafety also offers a more efficient way of addressing patient safety while staying compliant with the study regulatory requirements. COSMOS eSafety is a single platform with multiple tools you need to run your clinical study successfully.

Eliminate Unnecessary Safety Letter Distribution Expenditure
COSMOS Safety Reporting Solutions can help streamline safety report distribution and ensure role-based access to the validated reports. This level of efficiency saves time, reduces costs, and improves a study site’s experience with patient safety and safety letters.

Regain Full Control Over Safety Document Distribution Process & Stay Compliant with Global Regulations.

Eliminate Safety Letter Over-distribution & Minimize Site Burden
COSMOS Safety Reporting Solutions allow CROs and sponsors to send safety reports to recipients depending on country-specific laws. This eliminates over-distribution and duplication of these files, making it easy for the target audience to find critical safety information. It also minimizes investigator training time.

Improved Compliance
With COSMOS Safety Reporting Solutions, you ensure timely, secure, and cost-effective distribution of safety documents with an end-to-end tracking system. This facilitates effective monitoring of the distributed files, ensuring you are always inspection-ready. With our automated and continuous monitoring of regulatory file distribution requirements, you can stay compliant for every study site across the continents.

Protect patients and trials with disciplined Drug Safety processes you trust

Significant Cost Savings
Effective safety reporting is one of the top hidden expenses in the clinical study and trial industry. By streamlining your safety letter distribution process, you will make significant savings on your overall safety reporting budget.

COSMOS Safety Reporting Solutions help resolve various obstacles to effective safety document distribution and protects patients with up-to-date safety guidance.

COSMOS Safety Reporting Solutions facilitate the automation of safety document distribution and management. It expedites this process while ensuring that you stay compliant with the global regulatory requirements and patient safety standards.