COSMOS’ mission is to revolutionize the approach to clinical studies, making the entire process more efficient, inclusive, and comprehensive. Despite the uncertainty and challenges associated with the centralized to the decentralized clinical trials transition process, we are devoted to accompanying research sites in their digital transformation journey.

Our software creates a research environment that supports pharmaceutical organizations, healthcare facilities, CROs, and sponsors to conduct decentralized clinical trials from a dedicated cloud platform with all supporting services. Indeed, COSMOS supports researchers in every stage, from planning to study design through research and trial activities. This platform also provides financial, regulatory compliance, and recruitment capabilities tailored to your research needs.


Integrated Platform for Decentralized Trials:


COSMOS eConsent transforms the conventional patient consent approach by making the entire process easy, truly patient-centric, and improving transparency. It is designed for decentralized, virtual, and hybrid research projects to help deliver compliant, patient-centric, and site-friendly experiences. Through our digital consent solution, you can offer patients the much-needed flexibility for remote consenting.


  • Traceable and fully compliant with US 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signature requirements
  • Maximize patient’s clinical trial comprehension with diagrams, images, videos, and screen readers for accessibility
  • Increase patient engagement and retention by ensuring critical information is always available at the participants’ fingertips.
  • COSMOS built-in video conferencing capability keeps you focused on participants and offers seamless patient enrollment and engagement experience

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cosmos eConsent


The COSMOS ePRO handles all the complexities associated with patient-reported data collection and management. It offers the flexibility to switch between remote and in-clinic data collection as well as the ability to support validated survey instruments. COSMOS ePRO utilizes an independent model that allows study participants to respond to clinical surveys remotely and at any time. 



Improved Patient Engagement

  • Facilitate efficient data collection anywhere – at work, home, or in-clinic using the most convenient device for patients.
  • Improve adherence with highly flexible schedules based on the patients’ closeout windows that support highly time-sensitive data collection, time zones, and alerts that integrate seamlessly with patients’ lifestyles. 
  • Quickly validate the assessments completed by each study participant. 


A Unified ePRO System

  • A simplified setup that eliminates the need for multiple vendors
  • Improved patient safety and AE/SAE detection with real-time alerts, access to patient-reported data, and clinical data in a single dashboard. 
  • Enhance study participant compliance, data quality, and subject safety. 


As the need to improve patient safety in clinical studies and trials continue to rise, so will the implementation of technological solutions to ensure efficient data capture and clinical outcome assessments. Instead of using paper diaries, research sites can construct electronic patient reporting outcomes (ePRO) and schedule them for study participants. Using ePRO to monitor compliance facilitates instant AE/ASE results through COSMOS automated notification system. 

Fast Study Start Times

  • Effectively accelerates clinical study start-time using a vast library of pre-built and pre-approved instruments.
  • Offers a single-point data entry, few queries, and accurate data.
  • No end-of-study integration or mapping is required. 


Flexible and Easy to Use

  • Encourages patient engagement
  • Synchronizes seamlessly into your clinical dataset.
  • Provides a dedicated patient cloud helpdesk that makes virtual trials a reality. 


Unified Platform Approach 

  • COSMOS eCOA platform integrates with any EDC
  • Facilitates data management that resonates with eCRF data management. 
cosmos eCOA Reporting

TeleVisit /  Virtual Visit

The smartest way to deploy complete practice workflow automation

  • Telehealth helps patients comply with treatment plans, manage medications, and engage in lifestyle coaching, resulting in better health outcomes.
  • Offer your patients the convenience and accessibility of telehealth.
  • Facilitates patient engagement with less time and travel
  • Enable participant convenience through telehealth video calls. Conduct virtual visits to capture data, increase engagement and move visits from in-clinic to the home.


COSMOS TeleVisit
  • With COSMOS, video calling is a convenient and effective way to screen and check in with your clinical trial participants.
  • Our integrated video call feature requires no additional software and is easy to access on virtually any device, including a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Sites and patients can connect using video calls 24/7 in most countries worldwide.