COSMOS’ integrated study campaign functionally allows active clinical studies to get potential research participants into the platform’s CRM in real-time. This eliminates manual data entry, which in turn saves the clinical study recruiter a lot of time while improving recruitment efficiency.

Faster & Improved Way to Recruit the Right Participants for Clinical Trials
Over the years, COSMOS has become an industry leader in delivering strategic study participant recruitment & enrolment solutions to sponsors, CROs, and research sites. Indeed, we have developed an automated platform that targets, recruits, screens, and refers potential participants for clinical studies and trials. By combining highly sophisticated algorithms and automated processes, COSMOS has transformed the once-challenging, time-consuming, and costly process of enrolling qualified volunteers to participate in clinical studies and trials.

COSMOS uses AI direct-to-patient digital channels to automatically target, recruit, and refer patients for clinical trials phase I to IV. This reduces the cost per subject randomized compared traditional advertising approach, increases patient enrolment rates, and accelerates patient recruitment timeframes. With a risk-based pricing model, COSMOS offers metrics-driven project management, real-time reports, specialized study site & patient engagement, and secure patient portal management. 

Why List with COSMOS?

Choosing us a patient enrolment partner gives you access to the following;
  • A dedicated page for your clinical study. We will create a custom webpage for you on COSMOS to direct qualified traffic to your clinical trial.
  • Seamless clinical study scheduling and calendar integration. Use our proactive tools to streamline your appointment process for referrals. This will help you retain more study participants between pre-screening and clinical trial completion.
  • Effective patient management. Quickly upload and manage your current patient database, track new referral enrolments, and update the patient information in real-time.
  • Efficient media source tracking. Gain access to detailed data on where and how patient referrals are discovering your clinical trial so that you can effectively deploy your marketing campaigns.
  • Get highly motivated and pre-screened referrals to achieve your patient enrolment goals faster by tapping into COSMOS patient communities worldwide.
  • Get actionable insights and reporting whenever you need it and enjoy clinical study support from your dedicated project manager.